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Use Enzo Cloud Backup to backup SQL Database, Azure Tables, Azure Blobs and run database scripts on a schedule. You can use the built-in scheduler to backup your data too. Enzo Cloud Backup offers many advanced features, including encryption, scheduling, and support for RA-GEO storage accounts. The product comes with a free .NET API as well.

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  • Prevent data loss of your SQL Databases, Azure Tables and Azure Blobs by performing full backups
  • Encrypt your backup devices for additional security
  • Recover from unintentional data loss (truncated tables, deleted blobs...)
  • Migrate Azure-ready SQL Server databases in SQL Azure
  • Backup customer databases that use schema separation (multitenant SaaS model)
  • Run database maintenance scripts entirely in the cloud
  • Integrate backup and restore capabilities in your code with the Enzo Backup API

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See below for a list of features available. The Community Edition is limited in two ways: it allows up to 10 backups per month, and does not allow switching storage accounts for multitenant backups.


Community Edition Advanced Edition
   Backup SQL Database Yes (1,2) Yes (2)
   Backup SQL Server Yes (1,2) Yes (2)
   Backup Azure Tables Yes (1) Yes
   Backup Templates Yes Yes
   Restore Yes Yes
   Schedule Jobs Yes Yes
   Database Scripts Yes Yes
   Run Backup Agents Yes (3) Yes
   SMTP Alerts Yes Yes
   .NET Backup API Included Yes Yes
   Switch Storage Accounts No Yes
(1) Limited to 10 backup operations per month
(2) Limited support (not all objects are supported) 
(3) Limited to 1 backup agent


Enzo Cloud Backup works as a local windows application allowing you to issue backup and restore requests for your SQL Databases, Azure Tables, or Azure Blobs. You can backup and restore from Blob storage or from your local file system. Backup files are compressed and contain both schema and data.

Backing up a SQL Server database is only supported if the database was initially restored from a SQL Azure database. For example tables without a Primary Key will not be backed up. This feature allows developers to backup a SQL Database and restore it on premise using SQL Server to work on it. Once the work completed, developers can backup the updated database from SQL Server and restore it back into SQL Azure.

Backing up a SQL Database is partially supported; only a specific list of objects is currently supported. See the Limitations section for a complete list.

A command-line utility can be used to execute backup operations of a SQL Database through a third-party scheduler. The command-line utility supports most the options offered through the user interface. 

Enzo Backup also offers a built-in scheduler allowing to schedule one-time or recurring backup operations. The jobs are designed to run entirely in the cloud or from your local machine.

The product uses highly sophisticated backup and restore techniques to minimize transient errors and typical network latency issues. Lab tests show that a 50MB SQL Database can be backed up in 2 minutes and restored in 3 minutes.

Regarding SQL Database backups, the product will backup many object types, including tables, triggers, stored procedures, views, functions, spatial data types, spatial indexes, constraints and foreign keys, user-defined types, user-defined statistics and more.

Enzo Cloud Backup allows you backup and restore Azure Tables and Azure Blobs to a local file, or in blobs. Azure Tables can also be copied into a SQL environment (SQL Server or SQL Database). The backup operation of Azure Tables and Azure Blobs can be filtered. 

This release also allows you to create and run database maintenance scripts, from your local machine or from the cloud agent. These scripts can be executed on a schedule or manually. This feature can be used to rebuild indexes on a periodic basis for example.



For SQL Database, while User Defined Types are supported, the product does not restore Table-Type Constraints. However user-table constraints are fully supported.  Federated databases are no longer supported.

This product does not support all database objects of Azure SQL version 12 or higher. See Support Database Objects section in the help file for details.

In this release the product does not offer differential backup support.


You can obtain assistance with configuration and general support by email.